Andy C Driving School

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Andy C Driving Schools Terms and conditions 2006 - Present.

1. Driving Lessons Payments 

a) When a lesson/appointment has been arranged in anyway for example via telephone/text/email or another form of messaging or appointment card it is the clients responsibility to remember lesson/appointments.

b) Payment for lessons/appointments are required 48 hours before the lesson/appointment at the latest usually via bank transfer. If this is not done then the lesson may not go ahead and the full lesson fee will still be payable.

c) Advanced payments for block booking discounted rates must be made in full 48 hours at the latest before the first lesson is due to start of the block bookings. Failure to do this will result in the loss of discount for block booking rates and the insufficient funds being used at the normal hourly rate. Any excess funds will be added to future lessons at the normal hourly rate. This will happen until sufficient funds have been received in full to qualify for the block booking discount.

d) Driving lessons that have been paid for and not used after 6 months from the date of payment are no longer refundable.

c) Driving Tests will be charged at the instructors hourly rate for the clients use of the tuition vehicle on driving test day. The instructor will charge 2 - 3 hours of the instructors hourly rate to the client for their driving test. 

2. Transferring Any Type Of Lesson

a) The client cannot and are not allowed to sell or transfer any type of driving lessons which have been purchased in their name at any time.

3. Cancellation Policy By Client

a) The Instructor requires at least a full 48 HOURS notice before the lesson is due to start to cancel or change the lesson in anyway. If the lesson is cancelled or changed in anyway and at least 48 hours notice is not given for whatever the reason then the full lesson fee will be charged. 

b) If the client changes the location of the start and or finish of the lesson. Then the extra time required for the instructor to get to the new location will be taken out of the clients lesson time. Unless at least 48 Hours notice is given and the new location is agreed in writing with the instructor.

c) The Instructor shall wait a maximum of 15 minutes if pupil has not shown up for the lesson unless agreed in writing with the instructor. The full lesson will be terminated and full lesson fee will be charged.

4. Cancellation Or Rearrangement By  Driving instructor. 

a) Clients can appreciate that due to unforeseen circumstances that the instructor may be late for the lesson or it may not be possible for the instructor to attend the lesson booked. For example the tuition vehicle breakdowns or an emergency arises. The instructor would do their best to notify the pupil as early as possible. The instructor would aim to give the client a minimum of 48 hours notice, but the client can appreciate this might not always be possible and very short notice or no notice may be given. The instructor would arrange the extra time of lesson owed to the pupil or rearrange the lesson appointment to a date/time of mutual agreement of the instructor and client. If the lesson missed is a driving test and the driving test cannot be cancelled within the time required and if the instructor cannot makealternative arrangements. Then the instructor will refund the client the driving test fee or give the client the value of the driving test fee in lessons at the instructors hourly rate.  

b) If the tuition vehicle is not available due to mechanical failure or an emergency or another reason for the clients driving test. Then the instructor will do their best to arrange an alternative suitable vehicle and or a suitable alternative. The instructor will NOT refund the test fee where a suitable vehicle and or a suitable arrangement has been made for the client.


c) The instructor cannot be held responsible if the client fails their driving test where a replacement vehicle and or suitable arrangements where made.


d) If the client has a driving lesson already booked. The instructor reserves the right to cancel and or rearrange the clients lesson if instructor receives a driving test. This also includes the instructor receiving a driving test at very short notice. 

5. Driving Licence

a) It is the clients personal responsibility to ensure they are the holders of a valid driving license.

b) It is the clients personal responsibility to ensure they bring their driving licence 

to the first lesson with the instructor. Failure to do this may result in the lesson being terminated and full lesson fee charged.

c) It is the clients responsibility to produce or show their licence to the instructor on request of the instructor.

d) It is the clients responsibility to inform the instructor if they have or have received any endorsements on their valid provisional or full driving license.

e) It is the clients responsibility to inform instructor of any special needs or medical conditions they have that may affect their ability to drive.  

By paying for and or taking driving lessons with Andy C Driving School the client is automatically accepting and entering into a contract bound by these terms and conditions above.